The owners of "Llaullín Campos" ―a company that is present in the Web through the site your are currently visiting― are members of the same family group and inhabitants of La Pampa province, Argentina.

With 25 years of existence in the real estate market, Llaullín Campos has coupled the experience of its founder, the agriculturist Ricardo García Quiroga, with the youth, enthusiasm and knowledge of his two sons.

As we have been born and raised in the rural area, we know the countryman’s life, his habits, and customs, which enable us to like what we do and to incline ourselves to the specific knowledge of the agricultural activity, on the basis of third level and university studies.


Jerónimo García Fiorucci
Public Auctioneer and Commercial Broker, Member No. 370, Association of Public Auctioneers and Commercial Brokers of La Pampa.
Technician specializing in Agricultural and Cattle Raising activities.





Ricardo García Quiroga
Agriculturist, graduated from the Agriculture College, La Pampa National University.
Professional license No. 088.





Francisco García Fiorucci
University graduate in Economics.
Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina.



Our vocation, the practice of the agricultural activities, and the knowledge of the agricultural business has led us to include the real estate business and its respective departments –valuation, consultancy, project design and development, and field management.

Contact us:
Chubut 745
6300 Santa Rosa
República Argentina

Tel. +54 (2954) 42-9131 / 45-7350

What are the perspectives for the real state sector for 2006?

According to the official statistics of the Notary Association (“Colegio de Escribanos”) of Buenos Aires, the amount of operations for January of this year registered an increase of 23.25% in comparison to last year’s same month. Additionally, the effective signed operations were 63% more than those of January 2005. The Notary Association states that a total of 4.272 were registered in January 2006 while in January 2005 the amount accounted to 3.466. The turnover negotiated in January 2006 was the highest amount within the last eight years. Besides that, the amount of money invested achieved also an historical level after the devaluation of 2002.

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The farm land, a protection of capital

The value of Argentinean farm land has grown this year by 20 % in comparison to last year. Even though the agricultural rent has fallen the Argen-tinean farm land constitutes a secure mechanism to preserve capital. This is observed by a trend of local and international investors who are demanding more and more hectares of land.
Five hundred dollars, that is the amount of the average increase in value of each productive hectare of Argentinean farm land this year.

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